Kinder cereali

Kinder cereals

Recipe Kinder cereals of [Updated

The recipe to prepare the cereal kinder in the house had been noted for some time on the list of recipes to make, a few weeks ago I found myself invaded by chocolate bars that were melting from the heat and I decided to use them to prepare these bars, and if you do not find the condensed milk you can replace it with white chocolate in the same quantities. Well friends, today is Monday and I couldn$0027t not leave you the usual treat at the beginning of the week, I$0027m getting ready to go to the beach, Rhodes is a beautiful island and should be discovered every day, today we go to kalithea, sea with crystal clear waters and ancient ruins, then I place you the photos of these wonderful landscapes. I greet you and wish you a good day and if you have time and want to prepare these cereal bars and put them in the fridge to serve them for snack to your children and let me know what you think. Kisses

  • Ingredients for 12 bars:
  • 400 gr of milk chocolate
  • 70 gr of puffed rice
  • 120 gr of white chocolate
  • 100 ml of condensed milk

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  • preparation: 30 min
  • cooking: 20 min
  • total: 50 min

Kinder cereals

How to make Kinder cereal

Melt the milk chocolate in a Maria bath

Line a rectangular baking tray with baking paper and pour half of the chocolate on the base and a little bit on the edges, put in the fridge

Meanwhile melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie

In a bowl mix the puffed rice with white chocolate and condensed milk and stir

Pour everything on the chocolate base and level out to form a homogeneous layer.


Make notches as if to form rectangles.


Pour the remaining milk chocolate on top to cover it all.


Recalculate the rectangles created then put the cereal bars in the refrigerator to firm for 30 minutes.


Flip the cereal kinder on a plane, cut into bars and serve

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